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Get Connected.

Starting a new exercise program and building a new habit is hard work–like monumental. We want to support you and help you in any way we can to get going and stay going and begin again when you need to. Here are some ways you can get connected in MommaStrong. And never hesitate to reach out to us at


Want Daily Emails?

A little extra encouragement.

If you would like some additional inspiration, sign up for daily emails and receive daily words of wisdom and experiences from lots of super smart Mommas. A little help from your friends is a necessary part of winning ugly.


Looking for a Buddy or a Squad?

Up close and personal support.

If you would like some accountability support (and more), we can pair you up with another Momma or small group of Mommas (3-5) to help you show up and share information in a smaller group. Once you send a request you will receive a response within 2 weeks to get matched up


Want to Join the MommaStrong Community?

Join our private community on Mighty Networks.

This is a great place to connect with the MommaStrong community. You can customize your feed based on topics you are most interested in or deep dive into the whole experience. This is a members only group and is a safe place to ask basically anything! And Stephanie Dillon will be around to answer any functional questions that come up.

Need a Personalized Roadmap?
1:1 attention to help you use the MommaStrong program to improve specific issues and/or weaknesses.
Do you have a specific issue that you hope to improve?
Concerned that some moves may make a known problem worse?

Get a Free 15 minute consult with our Physical Therapist Advisor, Stephanie Dillon. Stephanie will help you determine if
you might be a good fit for one of our MommaStrong Roadmap personal session packages.